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Summer Festival


What time does it start: 12pm noon until 11pm night


Can we bring food: You can not bring food, you can only bring snacks there will be food vendors for all pallets.

What kind of snacks can we bring: Chips, Cookies and Fruits


Can we bring alcohol:  You can only bring alcohol in your cooler if you purchase the cooler pass. (must pour into a plastic container)

Who will be performing or hosting: AKON, ROTIMI, NEKTUNEZ, AFRO B, Focalistic, Nana Kofi, Nita Pop, Dula, Su Solo and more.

Whats the difference between express tickets and general: There will be a fast express lane for express ticket holders.  They will be able to get right in without any real line.  Ga will have to get in the general admission line

Can we bring a tent: No you can not. You can only bring blankets, Pillows & lawn chair.

What comes with the VIP tent package: There different packages, but they come with vip wrist bands for 10+ guests, 10x10 tent and reserved space.  alcohol, Food platter, juice, water.  There will also be a special express entrance for you. 


Are you looking for vendors: Yes

How can we apply for vending:  There is a link on the website for vendor application.  Fill out the online application and our vendor relations will get right back to you.  CLICK HERE

What is the cost for vending:

Non food vendors ($600 per day for 10x10 space) 

Non truck food vendors ($700 per day 10X10 space) 

Food truck vendor ($1100 per day 10x20 space) 

How many people will be expected: We can not guarantee anything but our capacity is 8000 people

When is load in time: 6am the day of event


Will there be overnight security: Yes 

Who can I contact about vendors: Tahara Saville (

Food Vehicle
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